Geocaches found to date: 44

March 28, 2010

Austin Powers - Unibrau

Found this one by chance while out roller blading on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. Didn't have a pen to sign it, but we'll be back!

March 17, 2010

Quick park & grab

While dining at the Lilac Blossom for my mom's birthday, we checked local caches and found there was one less then 500 feet away. After dinner we grabbed it and signed it. Brian's Chez Geek card was in there!

Purgatory Chasm

Just going to do one post to summarize our day at Purgatory Chasm.

We found four caches here, Troop 1620's Salvation Cache, Purgatory Brook Traditional, The Waterfall, and Whitewater.

Beautiful day and beautiful area. Here are some photos.

March 11, 2010

I have a few posts from this past weekend and one from Tuesday night that I need to get up on here. They're coming, I swear. This is just the week from hell.

February 28, 2010

Back to the night cache

To wrap up the day, we took my sister, Heather, to the night cache we'd re-hidden a few weeks ago. One person had visited since we hid it, that was cool.

The Midway

Last new cache of the day, also hidden by Lynn & Paul. Short hike from Up Hill's Hill, and then we were able to follow the long trail out of the woods before darkness fell. Picked up my 3rd sand dollar from Marine Currency.

Up Hill's Hill

Some of my favorite hiders have been Lynn & Paul. Their caches are always full of goodies. Found two by them yesterday. First being Up Hill's Hill, which proved to be a very messy, muddy, woodsy hike. Brian actually fell down on his ass into a deep pile of snow at one point.

Dale #2 Billerica

Hit up one that we couldn't find the first time we went caching. This was directly across the street from the Billerica House of Correction. I picked up my second sand dollar left by Marine Currency.

Beaver Deceiver

The name of this cache makes me giggle. It was in Mary Cummings Park, still in Burlington I believe. We parked at an abandoned building down the street a bit and walked over. I took a little plastic slinky. Also encountered these cage type things that I think are supposed to help beavers make dams?

Wait for Me LPC

This one Heather and I raced to, but she had no idea that there's often caches inside of light posts. This was a micro outside Dollar Tree in Burlington. Made a stop in the store on the way back and picked up some eyeshadow for just a buck (and it works brilliantly, I might add).